Freddy’s Nightmares was a syndicated horror anthology television series that aired for two seasons from October 1988 until March 1990. Starring and hosted by Robert Englund as the lovable child murderer, Freddy Krueger, each episode takes us to Springwood, Ohio for a pair of twisted tales.

Welcome to Primetime is based on the retrospective podcast of the same name hosted by Henrique Couto and David Denoyer. This podcast ran for sixty-three episodes and featured interviews, retrospectives and exclusive content related to Freddy’s Nightmares and the Freddy Krueger universe.

This companion book includes the aforementioned interviews, a brief history of television syndication, overviews of classic anthology television series and new episode breakdowns based in part on the research conducted by Henrique and David.

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Geoff Turner is the author of “Night of the Living Tapes: The Complete Home Video History of Night of the Living Dead,”  and “ A Theater Near You! Advertising Night of the Living Dead.”He is an avid collector of films and film memorabilia. He can be found online sharing his collection on Instagram as @giallocaust and also running the @nightofthelivingtapes page. Geoff lives in Dayton, Ohio with his wife, Courtney, and their pets. 

Henrique Couto is a filmmaker and podcaster from Dayton, OH. Henrique is best known for his films Babysitter Massacre and Depression: The Movie, as well as his podcasts, “Do You Even Movie?” and “Weekly Spooky.” Many of his films are available on the free streaming service, Tubi. Henrique can be found online on Instagram as @henriquecouto, and through his website:

David Denoyer was born in Troy, OH, on June 6, 1992. He is a graduate of the Art Institute of Ohio in Cincinnati with an Associate’s in Video Production. A life long fan of film, music, & books, he currently resides in Troy & is the Cohost of “Do You Even Movie?” Podcast with his friend Henrique. David can be found online on Instagram as  @davidswatchingmoviesagain.

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